Washington’s decision to maintain anti-dumping duty on fresh garlic from China is unfair and Chinese exporters should do more to defend their interests amid rising global trade protectionism, officials said.   Read More →
    Fresh Garlic kids
    Childhood habits stay with us for life, and a nursery school in Nanjing thinks eating right should start young. Luo Wangshu has the story. Sweet pickled garlic is a dining-table favorite in China. In spring, fresh young garlic bulbs  Read More →
    Duchang purple pericarp garlic
    The garlic produced in Duchang belongs to the category of purple pericarp garlic and is a fine variety formed through long-term natural and human seed selection under specific ecological and environmental conditions of Duchang. The main harvesting areas are Yangfeng,  Read More →
    At present, it is the peak time of garlic growth. In production base of organic garlic in Guanghua Group, Jishu, Jinxiang, the farmer Li Zhidong from Xili Village was buying weeding. During breaks, he told the reporter: “Last year, we gave our organic garlic  Read More →
    China is a large country that produces garlic. At present, the Chinese garlic amounts to over 70% around the world. However, similar to most of agricultural products, in China, most of the garlic industrial chains are  Read More →
    by: Nick Vassilev Garlic must be one of the best foodstuffs known to humanity. There’s so much that you can do with it! Many people are put off by its pungent aroma and avoid it wherever possible. But, for the life of me, I just can’t see why. Garlic is most famous as flavouring for savoury dishes. Garlic... 
    Pungent lily, stinking rose
    By Pauline D. Loh (China Daily) Is there ever such a thing as too much garlic? Not unless you are one of those creatures of the night that sprout wings and drink blood. Pauline D. Loh sings an ode to the ultimate herb. Not far from where we were in San Francisco is a little town that celebrates garlic  Read More →
    Essence of the ocean and a noble fish for dinner
    A meat-free dish can also satisfy a carnivore There are times when our bodies need more TLC (tender loving care) than usual, when a surfeit of holiday feasting brings the need for less demanding food.  Read More →
    District Product Specification (cm) Classification Price (Yuan/kg) Remarks Jinxiang Normal White Garlic 6.0 Class garlic 12.00-12.60 - 6.0 Class garlic 11.00 - 5.5 Class garlic 10.00 - 5.5 Market garlic - - 5.0 Class garlic 8.60 - 5.0-5.5 - 9.00 - 5.0-5.5 Market garlic - - 5.0-6.0 Market garlic - First... 
    Garlic was priced at 13.5 yuan ($1.98) per kilogram Thursday in a supermarket in Xuanwu District in downtown Beijing, more than 1 yuan for each bulb. Speculators have been trading garlic for profit, resulting in the sudden price hikes since the end of last year, a veteran garlic  Read More →
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